About The Flannel Phoenix


Sara Bramlett is a writer, teacher, single mother, hiker, and goddess based out of Marietta, GA. She has always had a travel bug ever since her aunt and uncle took her out west to Colorado and Utah the summer before she turned 11. Colorado especially stuck with her for 27 years until she could return.

Sara’s plan was to climb Pikes Peak via the Barr Trail as a sort of metaphor for everything she had overcome in her life. Admittedly, it was a very white girl thing to do and she wants you to know that she knows she didn’t have it as bad as say, living in a war-torn country, or being conscripted as a child soldier or being kidnapped into slavery. But pain is relative, she supposes. Anyhow, she only made it halfway up. She was absurdly unprepared despite having thought she was doing just that for months. But she has trained and lost some weight and she’s going back.

Since then, she has exhilarated and suffered through a 30 mile loop in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She plans on suffering and enjoying more trails soon.

This blog is a rough draft ground for material that will one day form her memoir. She seems to have some skill with putting words together and has a drive to help others that are going through similar situations that she did. There will be a mix of travel writing, personal essay, and various philosophical musings. She promises to only write if she has something interesting to share.

Sara wants to eventually live her life writing and tending bar/mothering thru-hikers at her bar/restaurant/hiker hostel that she wants to open in some trail town.

If you wish to contact Sara, please email her at sarabregister@gmail.com or find her on social media.

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