This year is calling me. I can feel something I can’t describe, but it excites me. This is when it happens.

Possibly a dramatic way to say hello to you all, but that’s who I am. But truly, this year seems so full of possibility. I am wrapping up my MFA this June, my daughter graduates from high school, we are going on a massive road trip in the new van. I’ve already begun taking my health more seriously; I’ve got a lot of livin’ to do. I want to go back to climbing peaks. I want to hike with Astrid and keep up.

I am writing my memoir in earnest under the guidance of my mentor, Anjali Enjeti, an amazing writer who I am humbled to have read my words. This is such a hard and amazing thing to go through pain and ecstasy on the page.

And a resolution of mine is to begin sending out pieces for publication to literary and commercial magazines and other platforms. I have so many ideas to explore and so many words to share with others.

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